Waves, IJsselbiënnale

Zwolle, NL
Metal/powdercoating, Leafcatchers, Blue ropes, Cable ties
Tanja Smeets, Rob Groot Zevert
Kunstenlab Deventer

For her works WAVES Tanja Smeets used the leftovers from a former airbridge. This bridge was made by brother and sister Groten who lived on a farm and couldn’t reach the land when the water rised too high. So they developed their own bridge by placing poles from the farm towards the mainland. With wood they made a path on top of these poles and used it for almost 20 years.
The water sunk, because a secondary channel was delved, but the poles remained in this landcsape as relics. They tell the story of a changing climate and how it affects the landscapes in this area,  full of the potention of growth.

Tanja Smeets created four new landscapes and  attached them to these old poles. They look like sunken ships, were new life- forms create sculptural shapes. Landscapes with  endless possibilities, affected, changed, yet full of new growth and potential. When visitors look at the details they discover knotted blue ropes, grey leaf catchers, lasercut metal and long cable ties, materials that seem to be drifted away, but now are stacked and shaped into new organic structures.

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