Untitled, Inspectorate for Consumer Goods

Zwijndrecht, NL
Polystyrene balls, Sand, Glue; 8 x 4 x 2 m
Mels van Zutphen
Rijksgebouwendienst/Government Buildings Agency

'Things are not always what they seem'; that must be the motto for anyone who works at the Inspectorate for Consumer Goods. Apparently clean objects can harbour a disgusting world of bacteria, moulds and other worrying organisms that can pose a threat to public health. 'Things do not always resemble what they are' was the starting point to work on a sculpture that intervenes the new building of the Inspectorate for Consumer Goods in Zwijndrecht. The building is a stack of semi-transparent cubes, ideally suited to a large amorphous sculpture that appears to eat its ways from floor to floor: 'I wanted to make something that evoked an accumulation of micro-organisms, so the components had to be small. I chose polystyrene balls with a diameter of 3 to 12 centimetres. The balls are impregnated with a flame-retardant material and sprayed with a mixture of sand and glue. They are mounted on a metal frame. Together they form a shape that looks like a huge hand, which effortlessly permeates floors and walls and invades the brand-new building.'

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