Terrarium@Anningahof Zwolle

Anningahof Zwolle, NL
Ceramics, Rubber, Felt, Cable Ties
Steven van der Welie
Hib Anninga

After my exhibition at museum Princessehof in Zwolle, I rebuild Terrarium, in the new space at the Anningahof in Zwolle.

"This space-filling installation is reminiscent of a seabed overgrown with plants, with structures that sprout from the walls and attach themselves to the floor. The work consists of everyday materials such as ceramics, metal, rubber, plastic and felt. This abundance of materials raises questions about our consumption, but also about what we deem valuable or worthless, and why.
Tanja Smeets’ work combines the natural with the artificial. Her sculptures and installations – made from ordinary household goods combined with ceramics – stem from the idea of an infinite landscape where the space becomes overgrown by amorphous structures. In Terrarium, the visitor moves through ominous islands smothered with wild growth."

Thanks to:
EKWC (European Ceramic Workcenter) museum Princessehof, Mondriaanfund, Tijlfund
and Stichting Stokroos.

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