Research: Passementerie & Embroidery

Tilburg/ Utrecht/ Amsterdam, NL
3D printed objects, several yarns, waste ropes, metal.
Ronald Smits
Cooperation between the Textiel Museum, Veva van der Wolf, Anna Bolk and Tanja Smeets. Thanks to the Mondriaanfund: "Eigentijdse Ambachten"

I'm working in the Textiel Lab at the Textiel Museum in Tilburg, researching the possibilities of Passementerie. For this research project I received a grant from the Mondriaanfund (Eigentijdse Ambachten/ Contemporary Crafts). This grant makes it possible to coöperate with experts, craftsman and woman, towards contemporary solutions, using craft techniques.

Working with the braiding machine, making cords, braiding around 3D printed objects. I'm working at the Textile lab with expert Veva van der Wolf. We are working with biological yarns, left- over products and recycled plastics.

With Anna Bolk I'm cooperating to learn 3 D embroidery techniques. Anna Bolk is an expert in Haute Couture embroidery. For many years she took classes at Ecole Lesage in Paris.

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