Onder het plaveisel wervelen de wortels

Kunsthal Kade, Amersfoort
Felt, Leafcatchers, Yarns, Metal
Mike Bink
Robbert Roos en Judith van Meeuwen

This installation, which Tanja Smeets created especially for “Abrasive Paradise”, uses techniques the artist developed during a research period in the Textilelab at the Textile Museum in Tilburg in the “Passement” department (collective term for decorative tape such as fringe, ribbon and cord). As a visitor, you are surrounded by various structures; plant-like apparitions, which become interwoven with the space in increasingly detailed layers. A fluid landscape of woven and knotted threads, like lianas in a jungle. The skin of these structures acts as a membrane between the installation and the architecture, and is richly detailed and seductive. Underneath , the landscape appears to lead an autonomous life, full of friction, sound and unexpected twists.

Text: Judith van Meeuwen, Kunsthal Kade

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