Nebula and the Soft Machine

Textiel Museum Tilburg, NL
Lasercut Felt, Leaf Catchers, Colored yarns, Knitted structures
Josefina Eikenaar
Caroline Boot and Suzan Rüsseler, technical expert: Sarena Huizinga

I was invited to work on a Collection commission at the TextielMuseum in Tilburg, NL. Due to an intensive workperiod in their Textiel Lab I could develop new materials. 3- dimensional lasercut felt shapes. Knitted round strings with hundreds of loops. And I researched the different color transformations on the knitting machines. I could stretch the boundaries of the materials; by twining the yarns, create thick, lush structures. The Textile material and the colourfields we created gave me the possibility to work like a painter and build large installations with these materials in several spaces.

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