Liquid world drifts in

Abbaye de Maubuisson, Saint Ouen L'Aumône, France
Yarns (Tufted, braided), Tubes, Raffia, Metal, Leaf Catchers, Felt
Catherine Brossois, Tanja Smeets
Marie Menestrier

Duo exhibition with Karin van Dam in the Abbaye de Maubuisson, in Saint Ouen L'Aumône in France.

"Liquid world drifts in" is made with tufted and braided yarns. I worked with the braiding machine in the Passement department of the TextileMuseum in Tilburg, NL.

The other installation; "Under the pavement the roots are whirling" , is composed of large frying sieves, in gold, silver and black, floating in the high space of the Abby.

And spreaded in the space, 50 round grey bulbs are laying on the floor, consisting of leaf catchers, some of them move... as if they are living an autonomous life...trembling and making a crackling sound.

In the hall you see "Mur perméable", this work is made from concrete spacers and cable ties and merges with the wall.

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