Liquid Garden/Miami

Museum Vizcaya Miami, USA
Lasercut felt, Knitted strings, Cable Ties, Leaf catchers
David Almeida
Gina Wouters

Vizcaya Museum and Gardens — a house surrounded by nature — offers many possibilities to relate and expand my work. Built in the middle of the subtropical wilderness and located on the waterfront, the presence of nature and its beauty are everywhere, yet danger, such as the rising water level and hurricanes, exists.

The house and garden itself are completely designed and decorated. I proposed to make the relation visible between the uncontrollable growth processes of the plants in these surroundings, slipping into the more controlled areas of the house. The house and its surrounding nature are melting together. For this installation at Vizcaya, I researched new possibilities on the knitting machine at the Lab of the Textile Museum, experimenting with color fields and color variations, creating knitted structures with big loops dripping out.

This project was part of the CAP, Contemporary Arts Program of museum Vizcaya. CAP was supported by the Dutch Culture USA program of the Consulate General of the Netherlands in New York and the Mondriaan Fund.

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