Liquid Garden

Centraal Museum, Utrecht, NL
Laser cut felt and Laser cut steel, Plastic leaf catchers, Colored wires, Outside: Lasercut Metal
Ernst Moritz
Edwin Jacobs

On the old stone wall of the staircase of the Centraal Museum in Utrecht, Tanja Smeets combined lasercut felt material, embroidery and grey colored leaf catchers. A soft, grey skin with colored yarns drips from the stone wall. The density of the work is different on each level, new glimpses of the work seduce the visitor to go deeper and deeper into the tower. The work seems to grow on its own and permeates the stone tower to grow on the outside in a metal version. The tension that arises between this matter-of-fact presence on the one hand and the imminent danger of a growing organism on the other plays an important role in her work.

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