Inside the blooming Surface

TextileMuseum Tilburg, NL
Felt, Leaf catchers, knitted structures
Josefina Eikenaar
Sjouk Hoitsma

Is it alive?

14 OCTOBER 2023 T/M 7 APRIL 2024

It vibrates, shimmers, rustles, crackles, breathes and sways back and forth in this experiential exhibition. ‘Is it alive?’ shows spatial textile installations that come to life thanks to technology. They all originate from a fascination with natural processes, because how does something come to life? And when do we experience something as ‘alive’?

In 2016 the TextileMuseum purchased my work "Nebula and the Soft Machine" . In the installation "Inside the blooming Surface" the work from 2016 is extended with moving objects, new knitted structures, and lasercut felt shapes on the floor.

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