Liquid Garden Stevenschurch

Stevenskerk, Nijmegen, NL
Lasercut Felt, Cable ties, Metal
Ernst Moritz
Galerie Bart

I was invited to make a work in the st Stevenschurch in Nijmegen. The inside of the church is overwhelming, so many details and rich decorations. I choose the so called “Gentlemen's bench” as the starting point for a new installation, because it looked like an enormous pedestal with a flat platform on top. With the work I want to seek the attention of the visitor for this special spot in the church. An autonomous object, with rich and interesting woodcarvings, a world on its own, build for the formerly rich and famous people of the city of Nijmegen. This bench transforms by the installation on top of it. I wanted a spectacle on the edge of the bench, existing out of many different structures from laser cut felt and cable ties. They form a logic sequel from the woodcarvings below. When you come closer and zoom in, you’ll discover countless variations of natural structures, roots and bonsai, twigs, leaves and buds.

The other intervention takes place on the pulpit's platform.

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