From Far Down

Collection KF Heinfonds Utrecht, NL
Ceramic Spoons, Metal Frames
Arthur Martin
KF Heinfonds

“When the KF Heinfund asked me to develop a new work for their staircase, I became very interested in the high space above the stairs. A museum-like floating space, perfect to make a connection between the offices and kitchen on the groundfloor and the amazing library space on the second floor.
This explains also the title, From Far Down, which suggests that the sculpture is still growing through the building. With the black ceramic spoon it was possible to build large structures with the potential to enlarge and narrow down, important for the sense of a growing organism. Because the sculpture is hanging above the stairs the perspective for the visitor changes with every step.
Nearby you can zoom in on all the details, seen from the library it is a large organic work disappearing in the walls.

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