Don't leave me this way

Refuse Delivery Station, Barendrecht, NL
Ceramic and various waste materials, 5 parts spread over 20 metres
Tanja Smeets
Commissioned by the municipality of Barendrecht

‘Together with the staff at the centre, I examined the refuse materials and “screened” them in terms of how suitable they would be for use in the sculpture. I wanted to use lots of different materials with a variety of colours and textures: glass, mirror, wood, carpet, rubber, gauze, metal. The sculpture on the wall should show a glimpse of what happens behind the wall.’  

Its skin has a structure of tongue-shaped forms, arranged like scales. The majority of the scales are ceramic, I have incorporated materials we found among the rubbish: car tyre, carpet, metal gauze, Delft blue tile, all these materials are cut in the same shape as the ceramic forms and part of the sculpture’s skin.

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