Around the Sun

DIFFER, Dutch Institute for Fundamental Energy Research, TU Eindhoven (NL)
Stainless steel and metal, polished and powder coated
Adriaan van Dam
Commissioned by DIFFER

At DIFFER (Dutch Institute for Fundamental Energy Research) groundbreaking research on energy takes place. Finding new energy sources, like solar fuels by researching the energy process that takes place in the sun.
This research focuses on two major energy themes:
Fusion energy as a clean, safe and sustainable energy source and research into the conversion and storage of sustainable energy in solar fuels.

For their new building at the TU Eindhoven, I developed 50 small planets growing on 6 meter high walls. These small reflective worlds are made from stainless steel. Round shapes, with tiny elements growing around them, whirl over the walls. The installation refers to the universe, the sun and the transformative quality of materials; in this case, the vessel heads from the industry.

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